Useful Information

There are two very helpful sites to go to if you are looking at walking the Via Francigena. They both have up to date accommodation listings for the regions you will be travelling through. You will also find free maps and GPS tracks too. The Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome also sell badges of their well known logo, which can be attached to your rucksack as we have done.
This is a great way to recognise other pilgrims too. Although to be fair, if you spot someone walking the same road as yourself with a big rucksack, they are more than likely to be a pilgrim.

You can also purchase the Pilgrim passport here too. this needs to be stamped along the journey as proof that you have walked the Via Francigena, earning you the right to collect the Testimonium. From the Vatican once you reach Rome.

Both sites have so much helpful information, they are well worth having a look at.

Sore toe? Try these, they are brilliant for pressure relief.

Whilst we were on one of our preparation’ walks, I noticed that there was an issue with one particular toe. Nothing serious, just a little sore on the tip. I went in search of something lightweight that would help. After a short online search I found these great gel toe covers! I tried one out on our next walk and ‘Hey Presto!’ These are amazing, no sore toe at all. I highly recommend that you add a couple to your first aid kit.

Logo and map copyright Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome, used with permission